About me

I am a researcher interested in many aspects of animal life. Always fascinated by how animals (including us) thrive, spread, behave in our changing planet.

Upcoming: I will join as postdoctoral fellow the Roulin lab at the University of Lausanne to investigate Barn owl’s movement ecology.

I obtained my Ph.D. at the University of Haifa, working in the Animal Flight Lab under the supervision of Dr. Nir Sapir. My research focused on the effects of environmental conditions on diurnal migration movements of large birds in Israel, Turkey and Italy. Specifically, I investigated how migrating birds adjust their flight behavior and route selection to different atmospheric conditions, geographical contexts and ecological barriers.

My research interests spread also to several aspects of behavioural ecology and conservation in colonial seabirds. Most of my research in this sense is being done in collaboration with Prof. Bruno Massa (University of Palermo) and Dr. Giacomo Dell’Omo (Ornis italica).

See my complete CV to find out more about my work and experience. You can also find me on ResearchGate, TwitterLinkedIn, Instagram and Google Scholar.